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Nemomatic Open Studio Show Answered

Hello Friends!  If you are reading this then you are invited to my Open Studio and Show, Saturday October 24th from 4-8 pm in Berkeley CA.
I have a number of pieces new and old to share with you including a brand new big one (see attached flyer)!   
My shop-mates Quantum Builders (green homes) will also be having an open house so you have that much more of a reason to come.  
I don't get many opportunities to show this many pieces at one time, and even fewer opportunities to meet and talk with you all,  so I hope you'll come if you can.
Click here for full details and directions with map.
I thought it would be more fun if I kept the new work semi-secret so I won't post final photos until the week following the show (sorry out-of-towners).  If you just can't wait, drop my by news page and you can see some of the works in progress.


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