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Neopixel motorcycle brake light and turn signals Answered

Hello all, 
i am planning to use a string of 144/m Neopixel RGB strip as a rear light unit for my upcoming motorcycle project.
the idea is to have the lights work as rear running light, brake light, indicators and emergency indicators.
so far i figured that i would need:
- Arduino Nano(didn't want to use a a big micro controller, need to fit under a thin seat)
- Water tight container to house the Arduino(also not to big)
- Grommet to run the wires safely and dry in and out of the Arduino container
- 1M Neopixel 144/m RGB 
- Various wires
- Clear 3/4" width PVC tube
- Some Arduino programming knowledge
i was planning to use the running power source from the motorcycle to power everything, which is 12v, now if i am correct the Arduino nano can take the 12v no problem, i am wondering if i power the Neopixels through the nano if i would need a power converter to switch the output to 5v from 12v.
also i am not sure how the whole analog switching to digital signalling would work, so if any of you more experienced with Arduino people have any ideas or suggestion it would be much appreciated!

Cheers Mimizuku.


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4 years ago

Did you manage to complete this project? It's something I'm about to attempt myself. If you were unsuccessful I'll try and compose an instructable once complete.


5 years ago

If you want to use the bike legally on the roads you should check with the authorities first.
Usually there are tight restictions when it comes to lights, especially for the endangered species of the native motor bike rider.
For the rest you can look up all infos on Google, the Arduino project sites offer tons of code examples and libraries.