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Nerf Gun Valve? (Air, Need a valve) Answered

Yea. Basically, I'm trying to make a nerf rifle with a better trigger. I've used ball valves in the past, but those let out the air way too slow, and you jerk when you pull that. 

So I need some kind of valve that can be pulled, and is airtight. Also, I'm not so good at this whole construction thing, so the easier, and the cheaper the better. Home Depot is probably where I'll be picking up the materials from... so yeah.



8 years ago

I have a great idea, have you looked at the ible' "explosive air release valve" search that. I know that is pretty small but it might work. If not i made one that is much bigger and would work perfect for what you need
Would you like me to post an ible' of how to make it.

What about an air compressor blowgun


Reply 8 years ago

Sure thing it will only take a couple days. So yea ill do it... As long as u subscribe mwanahahahaha :)


Reply 8 years ago

and btw if its to big or it doesnt fit u can always adjust it. the design of the valve is not limited to one size so you can make one as big or as small as you want. So if mine doesnt work(i hope it does) you can make another one of different size.