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Net book from a Pocket PC. Would like to build a netbook with a 7 inch touchscreen from a WM device (Axim X51) Answered

I use a Dell Axim X51, running WM 5.0, with an SDIO WiFi g card and use it mostly to read books using MobiPocket software. I'm wondering if it's possible to graft on a 7 inch touchscreen and use it as an internet tablet. I don't really need a keyboard, although that would be a nice addition.



Best Answer 10 years ago

It's possible to get a larger touchscreen working with it, but to be honest it'd be cheaper to BUY a netbook (by a large margin). I will speak nothing of the engineering and software development required to make it work. Still, if you're happy enough with the size of the Axim's screen and wish to continue, I'd suggest you find a hardcover book and mount your PDA inside it. Add a bluetooth keyboard and you're done.