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New Channel for Educators - a call for projects Answered

To the teachers, educators, instructors, advisers, Scout leaders, home-schoolers, unschoolers, and regular folks who just really want to help out a teacher....

I'd like to present to you the new, never-before-seen channel exclusively for educational content! That's right. We're trying to put everything all in one place to make the site easier to sift through as an educator. Need a project to accompany a unit on covalent bonds? What about an activity to teach kindergarteners to share? Hands-on projects are awesome teaching tools, and it's about time for those projects to live in one place.

It's a mostly-empty channel at this point with only a handful of guides in it (and select few projects that I unilaterally recategorized because they were too perfect not to include), but it'd be nice to grow it into a large enough section of the site that it becomes actually useful to teachers.

If you don't mind spending a little extra time on the site, I'd really appreciate it if you could recategorize some of your explicitly academic content into the new Education channel within the Living category. We're trying to load this new channel with materials that include the following: subject areas for the project, recommended age ranges, and the learning objective(s) for the project or guide.

We'll be running a contest for teachers starting in December, giving away class sets of Instructables pro memberships along with the usual fare of Apple products and Amazon certificates.

The MOST IMPORTANT elements of anything placed into this new channel are as follows:

subject area
age range
learning objective

If you want to recategorize any projects you've done that are specifically for teachers, you may. What would be most helpful is to create a guide of useful projects that is tied to a specific learning objective. Check out what the Children's Museum of Houston did for an example of what we're looking for in this channel.

Checking for understanding:

1- What are the three most important ingredients for a project added to the Education channel?

2- What category is the Education channel in?

Extra Credit- Do you have to be a teacher to enter a project or guide into the new channel?

Extra Extra Credit- What are the three most important components of a project entered into the Education channel?



2 years ago

Our projects https://www.instructables.com/member/MyWlakeTech/instructables/


8 years ago

Many moons ago, projects could be added to more than one channel.

That would be a really useful feature again, since so many projects would fit into some other channel as well as Education.


Reply 8 years ago

dont all instructables fit under education


Reply 7 years ago

Of course, but not all instructables would be appropriate for a "school" setting or curriculum.