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New Commenting Bug Answered

Did the change to comments affect commenting on Apple devices? I have both an Ipad mini and an Iphone 5 on ios 7 that have trouble commenting. When I leave a comment, the grey pop-up appears and says "missing comment text," even when I in fact did type something. The only ways I can comment now are through my "discussions" page and the ios app, which doesn't let me reply, either. I will repost this in the "bugs" forum as well. This comment was typed from my Ipod touch that runs ios 6.1.5 and still can reply.

But the change is good in part, I used it to italicize words in this comment. :)



5 years ago

i had the same problem on my ipad. i tried it in a different browser and it worked fine. (i was using chrome and then switched to puffin).