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New DLP Printer with the LARGEST build volume on the market Answered

Hey Guys,

We are now kindly inviting everyone to finish a survey for us.

We are now developing the next generation of our DLP 3D printer, and we really need to gather some opinions before it hits Kickstarter. It will be a DLP printer with the largest build volume on the market, and it will provide the best solution to SME, MakerSpace and personal users.

There will be only 8 questions, and every member will be notified before we launched to make sure that every one gets the Early Bird reward if you are interested(remember to submit to our newsletter).

You can find detailed information including tech specs and test prints by visiting our demo website(which is free, and will be reconstructed later): http://futuremake3d.wix.com/rocko3d

Demo videos are coming soon, please stay tuned. The survey is on the "More" page, so help us get some feedback.



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