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New Editor Relased Answered

We've released an updated version of the editor.

Some new features include:
  • It's powered by jquery, which will mean nothing to you if you're not a huge nerd.
  • Automatically saves after doing anything but typing. Remember to save anything you type, just like a word processor.
  • Incorporates a new uploader, which will hopefully suck less than the current one.
  • Should be faster, I think? I'm not sure about this point yet, still have to see it in the wild.
  • Will definitely fail tonight, there are caching issues. I hope I can delete this line in the morning!
  • Various bugfixes, the previous editor was heavily in need of going away forever, heavily.
  • Dances when no one is watching. PROVE IT DOESN'T.
As always, please let us know if you have any problems. Or, also, let us know if you think it's awesome. Nobody ever does that. It's lonely here. Send cupcakes.