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New Member Need Help Please!!! Answered

Hi I Just joined 2 days ago and need help with understanding this website.

I joined because I love to learn new things and 2 of my sister's want to learn with me :), one wants to learn to cook and bake with me and the other want's to learn DIY, Crafts and Making new things.

I guess what I want to know is if there is anyone willing to Message me or Explain things??? I don't know much.

I would like to Know:

Do you have to make things and post them to stay on the website?

What if I do upload an Instructable does it have to be original, something I came up with that Nobody else has done??

What is a Community???
Am I even in the right place??

Did I talk to much? 


Welcome! deandrascrafs and kiteman have already answered your questions really well, but I just wanted to say hello! I'm the contest manager here at instructables and I hope to see more from you around the site :D


5 years ago

Welcome to the Instructables community. I'm going to clear my throat and get on my soapbox now.

So this site is in my opinion the CLEANEST, NICEST, KINDEST, most all-inclusive website to find everything and anything you would like to make.

I know Kiteman answered all of your questions below but I'd like to add my thoughts as well - Our community wants people to be kind. The set of instructions people post for anything is in general, to help out the human race in some way. There are exceptions to this as always, namely the one where individuals want to show-off things that they have made without really clear instructions on how it was created, but what really gets people's attention are the instructions on how to do/make/create 'something.'

I want to finish with "Yes, you are in the right place."

I hope you find what you are looking for here and if you don't see the instructions for something here that you've made and would like to share with the rest of us, please feel free to do so!

*Off the soapbox.*


5 years ago

1. No. Some of our most respected members did not post their first project until several years after they joined.

2. Yes, and no. It has to be your own work (your own images, your own text), but it can be a reproduction of somebody else's idea (there's even a contest for copying other folk's ideas right now: http:www.instructables.com/contest/remix/ )

3. You're talking to it - it's the folks here who like talking to other folks here.

4. Not quite - you should have posted this forum topic in "community blog", but that's no big crime. You can fix it by hitting the edit button and then changing the categories.

5. Nope.

Anyhoo, welcome to the site. It's a nice place, with a lot of nice folk. Have a click around, explore, play. Talk to people, offer what advice, complements or suggestions you can, ask questions whenever you need to (ignore any sarcastic comments, we were all new once) and you'll soon find you fit right in.

(A good place to start is the very top of the page - hit buttons, see what you find. You can't break it.)


Reply 5 years ago

Thank you sooo much :D, I actually set up an account because of you, well your comments :) you and two others seemed really friendly.

I was really surprised to see your comment guess I was right about you!!!.

Some of your Instructables are super cool especially How to Write an Instructable I found it very useful and plan to use it when ever I do an Istructable :).

Can I ask another question??
If yes please answer.......If no ignore :)

Question: is a collection just a folder like thing where I can organize things I like or am i completely off the mark?

P.s I might be a total idiot but I have no idea what a community blog is?

And I can't find the edit button Sorry.

I promise I am not stupid lol just out of my element.

Thanks for helping

Reply 5 years ago

Gosh, thanks.

Yes, a collection is a sort of folder, but other people can see it and share the link.

The various forums are themed, and the main list under the Community button at the top of the page, or here: https://www.instructables.com/community/

You should be able to see the edit button to the top-right of this page, about level with the title, under "Author Options".


Reply 5 years ago

Your Welcome :D

Thank you, I changed to the community blog which you probable already know :).

Sorry about the edit button I need new glasses and even after you told me it was under the Authors Options I still got hard to see the little thing lol plus it is red so that is even harder to see.

Thank you for all the help and I really Appreciate it :)

Thank you