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New Mod Blog www.modpurist.ca Answered

I just started a new mod blog, modpurist.ca!

"I do not claim to have perfect mods, but I am a mod purist. I strive to keep my mods looking as original as possible, unless the intention is to be specifically not original looking."

Retro Nintendo
Nintendo mods
Retro Apple Macintosh
Apple Mods
Virtual Machines
Internet of Things

It is still new, and is being populated with my 'older' mods, and once up to date, will be posted with new mods.

My hopes is for this to be big enough to make it worth the work, so please visit and tell your friends!

Please visit me, and let me know what you think! Let me know if you are a mod purist too!

Thank you!

Yes, I will post Instructables of some of my creations if it is a popular request!


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