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New Online Marketplace for Disabled Crafters Answered

There is a new online marketplace which contracts with disabled individuals to sell their high quality, homemade crafts on his/her behalf.  Please stop by http://www.craftedelegance.org

I am disabled due to a chronic illness and have been unable to find an employer to hire me to work from home, so I created this online marketplace to sell my glycerin soap and opened it up to other disabled crafters as well. 

I take care of the business aspect of selling your crafts and your only worry is to make your crafts and ship them directly to the customer when you are notified someone has bought your product. 

Be sure to stop by our forum and read our blog as well.  Our forum has two levels to it...one for the general public and one for the crafters.  It is a way for us to support each other in our everyday struggles with our individual chronic illnesses or physical impairments. 


The forums are retiring in 2021 and are now closed for new topics and comments.