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New Prototype Knex Guns Answered

Hello fellow knexers!   Today I bring what I've been working on for the last couple of weeks ( and another picture of Zip3 ). I think some of these guns are post worthy and some aren't, so instead of previewing them all separately I've made this forum topic to help me decide what guns you'd like me to work more with, post, or just disappear. So I added the video to show all the features of the guns and also to help bridge the gap I'll also say a little about each of them in this description.       Project Eject. A handgun that eject shells. It shoots blue rods that have spacer shells on them and it increases the guns efficiency and range.      Project Break Action, Break action knex gun with shell. It can shoot pretty much anything including oddammo, with really good range.     Project Precision an assault rifle that bridges the gap between war guns and models. The gun is capable of holding a lot of elastic while shooting well indoors and outdoors. Also has slightly better accuracy due to the long barrel that I lined with micro knex to make it thinner, but not restraining.           Project Micro, a knex gun that uses Micro knex to the fullest, mainly to make the gun four layers thick. Micro knex have similar thickness to a blue spacer, so about half a classic knex piece thickness. I feel that micro knex can push knex guns further and in a more innovative direction, so building this gun was mainly to show that it was possible and a decent idea. The one thing I learned though was that micro knex are a little thicker than the blue spacer so I'll use more micro knex to fill the gun next time.                       So that's what I created over the last few days. I'd like to hear what you knex gun gurus have to say about it and if I've created anything your interested in.   Thanks for looking! JonnyBGood



4 years ago

Well look what finally showed up! LOL. Kind of sad that only Zip3 is left out of this bunch. Whatever.... as Red and some others have done, <bump>

In the first place, I just want to say how much I appreciate this video. Well done, m'lad, well done. I like how you presented each gun, and while I can tell that you and I have VERY different tastes in K'NEX guns (you focus on performance, I focus on looks, to my cost), your originality makes your guns incredible. Those are just some of the reasons why you are one of my favorites K'NEX gun builders here on instructables.

Gun #1: Good work! I have never been able to pull off a shell ejection gun to my satisfaction, so good job! One thing I would try to do is add a removable stock. One that would provide stability and accuracy of fire... just a thought.

Gun #2: Break action awesomeness! Probably one of the best looking break action guns I've seen. I had an idea akin to yours, but my magazines would be shoved down the barrel, like the Bulldog featured in CoD: Ghosts.

Gun #3: I KNEW OODAMMO WASN'T THE BEST! I have just never been able to prove it (sorry for the outburst there). I ought to send you a patch! Putting mini K'NEX in the barrel to make it more accurate!?!? Flipping amazing! I have got to add that to my next K'NEX full-size!

Gun #4: I never thought of using mini K'NEX with my classic K'NEX... Genius!

Well first off thanks for the input! Glad you liked all of them! I kind of wanted to start by saying that why our tastes in knex guns maybe different, I am trying to focus on a hybrid style of doing things. I've been mixing performance concepts with more visual appealing qualities. I mean, I could have just focused on performance and made something rectangular and simple but I always want it to look appealing. So in a way for example gun #3 was me mixing some of your beautiful ARs with a stock from the TR8 and then I meshed them together with a little twist of my own.

My only other thing I have to say is I wouldn't go as far to say gray connector white rod is better than oddammo, it just can be pulled in magazines and can be fired about as far and as accurately. I will say oddammo is better, shoots very nice flight patterns and just very predictsbly, but I haven't made an attractive gun design for it yet so maybe sometime soon...

You are totally welcom bro, its the least I can do! I totally agree, and I need to spend more of my time on concepts and performance guns, and not rush to get them done so I can move on to more replicas (which is what I do, I confess it openly). I just don't find concepts and performances as appealing... yet. =D

Hmm, well I can't say I agree with you on Oodammo, but we all have our own tastes. I'm all for the new stuff, and as Oodammo, like the TR8 and NAR, is old stuff (no matter how well it works), and thus, doesn't appeal to me as much.

Lol! I was just reading your comment again and it's just like a reverse of KILLERK. I mean both of you are innovative and build very awesome guns but you both are very comfortable with certain things.

You: Replicas! ,magazine guns, bullpups, connector bodies, and very appearance based. Willing to try new things, but want to keep a tight grip on appearance. New projects with your twist.

KILLERK: Power! ,performance guns, turrets, connector block bodies, and very performance based. Willing to try new things but wants to keep a very, very high standard on range and power. New projects with an older style (no offence meant, it obliviously works really well).

Again you too should work together on something, and as always I've been heavily influenced by both of you so I work on appealing performance based guns.

Oh and also thanks!

Dude, that was the best comment I have read in months, probably all year! You are totally right, and I wonder that I have never noticed that, but I guess it takes an "out-sider" to notice things like that. You are awesome.

As to us working together, I think we have talked about it once or twice before, but we didn't come up with anything in particular. LOL (I'm joking here), I think he needs to try magazine guns as bad as I need to try performance guns. =D

No problem bro, and congratulations on the contest! I forgot to mention that! You did great!

Thanks! You did really great as well!

I've come to know both of you pretty well, mainly on this site, and I text KILLERK semi regularly so there's a pretty good flow of information going between you two they just seem to be totally separate streams.

I'll see if we can arrange to build something together soon, I know KILLERK's busy with a full time job right now, and a modern shotgun turret, but let's see if we can collaborate on something soon. Maybe we should do a modern interpretation of DunKilMeZak, something like a RedKillGood or something (maybe something that sounds better lol)

We can design the ultimate K'nex war gun Assault Rifle, with turret and magazine options (both in the same gun maybe?), while optimizing performance with strong pin guide, and also adding top and bottom tactical rails for a flurry of removable tactical attachments like: a grenade launcher, slingshot attachment, foregrip, etc you get the point. I say we build a gun prepared for plastic Armageddon.... well there's an idea anyway.


4 years ago

Alright, my turn:
1. About time more people start picking up the shell concept. I believe it has potential when done right. I like how you tried to incorporate the shell ramp into the removable magazine, but it was done sloppily. Understandable, but I hope we can find a clean way to do it in the future. I say keep developing this and it'll soon be post-worthy.

2. I'm not too for the novelty of break actions. They seem awkward to work with. Perhaps if you tried a horizontally swiveling break action? That'd be neat. But otherwise I'm sure this is a cool build to others, just not in my taste.

3. Not much for me to say here. I'm skeptical of how helpful the micro K'nex are here, but at least someone is trying to use them for something.

4. Hmm, interesting. 4 layers is cool for the sake of doing 4 layers, but it looks a little awkward. While I'm not too sure about building a performance gun with micro K'nex, it might be nice for other features. For example, I'd see potential in using it for a magazine that's about as wide as a 3 layer one so then it's just a little wider than the ammo on the inside. Then you'd have a dual column magazine which means more storage. Suppose you could try that out?


Reply 4 years ago

Alright first off, I'm glad you found my forum topic! I'm still wondering why it's invisible. As for the other things....

1. So you thing shells are where progress is at too? Note taken, I'll work on making a cleaner magazine ( hopefully with less modified parts ) and trying to design a more finished AR with this concept.

2.Well it does look unproffesional, I admit that. Break action is one of those old concepts that probably hasn't been touched since Selezonias ranger, so I had to try it. I did consider the internal horizontal magazine because it would make better use of the internal space of the barrel, and if anything I could make the barrel smaller. So yeah, another I plan to work on.

3. Mainly this gun is a simple pin gun AR with a tr8 stock to allow up to 5 rubberbands. The ammo also reduces friction on each other by having the gray connector at the front of it ( although the current model has changed the ammo to gray connector, blue rod for more flight stability) I admit for this gun does not quite accomplish everything I set out for it to do, even with the new ammo, tighter barrel the ammo still tends to helicopter. No end over end tumbles just horizontal spins. I just am looking for the best flying ammo that I can put in removable magazines. (other than oodammo because even though it's really great it doesent fit in barrels...

4. Yeah, awkward. I threw together in about two hours. It was really just proof of concept and to point out that micro knex may have some more applicable uses than just sights. I would try making a stacked magazine, but I learned via trial and error that micro knex are a bit wider than a blue spacer. So they don't quite fit in gaps made by classic knex. Also the magazine i made was two classic knex layers wide, which means mag wall, 2 internal mag layers, and the other magwall. So to make a stacked mag would be kind of difficult. I may try that though.

Thanks for commenting.