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New Spammer Account Is Posting Ads On My And Others' Instructables Answered

I'm getting spam from a new account called "PhysicsSupplier". Given the username and given that all of the comments posted using the account so far have been advertising an eBay account, I think it's a pretty fair to assume that it's an account created to post spam, and not to be a constructive member of a DIY community.

So far, it's posted the following message twice on my latest instructable:

"Instead of using a wine bottle, may I suggest that you consider using
SoCal's " Experimenter's Tube " This is a heavy glass product that can be
used for pressure and high vacuum experiments and the cost is low
for what you are getting. It comes with a 20 page manual for various
experiments and with some slight modifications it can be used for this
experiment as well as others. You can obtain the tube by going to ebay
and click to listing #'s 380137978058 or 230664743887. Thier website
is socalusa10@gmail.com

Best of luck."

I flagged the comments as spam, but I didn't get any sort of confirmation, and the robot has been giving me some trouble lately, so I decided to post here to get an admin's attention.




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9 years ago

Thank you! Should be all taken care of. Let me know if I missed anything.


9 years ago

Thanks for the posting. You can also email service(at)instructables.com about this sort of thing. I've also flagged the user's comments. I don't think it's a bot, but an actual person.