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New Start Answered

I think at this point in time of my life, ive lost my ability to create well designed weapons with knex. But Ive always been fascinated by the ball machines, and I would like to pursue further into my knex hobby to make them. But my skill when it comes to this is at rock bottom. I have no experience, and no concept on how to design anything for these. I also need to buy more parts to get started on it and be able to finish it without worrying about missing some parts. I havent gone anywhere guys, just had some time off since I couldnt make anything good. I miss all of you guys, and hopefully, I can get something going and youll see more from me :)





4 years ago

If you need any help making a ball machine don't hesitate to ask :)

Hmm, that's too bad man, but I can't judge, 'cause I feel the same way... Getting a job kinda ruined it for me man... I just don't have time any more... How I think I should get back into K'NEX is build something of someone else's that I have always wanted to build but never have... I think that might help me get creative again...