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New ads Answered

Dont get me wrong here but the new ads in the middle of the instructables are really annoying. I will get use to them and I am glad instructables is getting some money. One thing I have found is that in general rss feeds dont have ads so I think I might start reading instructables in thunderbird or google reader. Another idea is that maybe there could be an ad free version of instructables for $10 bucks a year or something like that. I imagine that you could get a lot more money like that then with ads. Also I was wondering, does instructables get money every time I click on an ad or every time I buy something after clicking on the ad. Thanks Joe


fungus amungus

11 years ago

If you're logged in they shouldn't appear

Big Bwanafungus amungus

Reply 10 years ago

And telling google to make them family friendly might be a good idea, I just got this one on instrucatables.... While it's not adult rated it links to a adult website and this doesn't look good when your trying to look productive at work writing out an ible.....