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New ballast (starter) on overhead fluorescent lights causing static on AM radio reception - how to fix? Answered

Ballast (starter) recently replaced on overhead fluorescent lights. Now getting static on AM radios in my apartment. Is there a way to stop this?



9 years ago

Your concern about am radios picking up ground noise from your balast can be solved by going back to the weed growing store and trading in the old fashioned balast for a newer digital balast... Cops can't listen for your grow op that way... You are obviously aware that the authorities just drive around with their AM tuned to 60 and blasting and they are looking for hot spots of static that seem to have no reason for existing... That's one of the ways they find well conceiled grow ops like the one your trying to conceil. ;)


10 years ago

So you actually replaced a ballast (big, chunky, heavy, transformer like metal box) or starter (small, round, plastic, white thingy). ? Anyway, make sure that the light is earthed properly - that will fix a static on am radio. Can't really help you with earthing as I don't know which country you live in. Hope it helps.


Answer 10 years ago

earthing is easy! almost all ballasts have their ground wire 'green', sometimes bare copper. Hook that to your ground/earth wire (green or bare copper) coming out of the power box.