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New dremel question Answered

I have the old gray version of the dremel rotary tool, and I see now that they have now made it chunkier looking and black. I have noticed a general tendancy in commercial products that with an upgrade in image comes a downgrade in performance. How do these new dremels hold up? are they as powerful/durable as the old ones?



11 years ago

mine is awesome its 35,000 rpms and i havent had a problem with, i actually went to use my dads old one and i realized how much more power mine had. here is a link to mine its not their newest one but i like it, i don't know about all the addons like the drill presses and stuff, i just use our real drill presses in our shop, however i do have the flex shaft which i have never used, and i do have a light attachment which sometimes gets in the way but works like a charm when you need it
i hope that helps, if you have a question ask i be delighted to help