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New generator Answered

I am thinking about buying a small generator for in around the house uses ( like charging things as power tools, phones, laptops) 
Because I live in a house with no power and running water. 
I have done some searching and found this one( Eurom GE720 benzine generator 63cc aggregaat 720 W) to be the easiest to obtain, fast shipping, cheap and it would do the trick.
Now I wonder if I would need some sort of power stabilizer or UPS to prevent power peeks from destroying my precious devices.
I am new to this stuff... always had the luxury of plugs in the wall so not sure what I need and where to buy it and more importantly, how do I use a stabilizer or UPS correctly

Eurom GE720 benzine generator 63cc 720 W



6 years ago

I do believe that most generators created for the use which you have specified have built in surge protectors and capacitors to smooth out the voltage/amps. I don't know anything about the one that you have listed here, but I've seen people use generators with a surge protector and multiple devices in the surge protector countless times with no issues.