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New into building, what do I need? Answered

So I'm new to the whole building electronics thing, so I'd like to start by saying hello. Secondly, what are the items I would need in order to get started? What materials would I need to work on the tutorials on this site? Just want a general idea of what to expect. Thanks everyone.



9 years ago

  • Multimeter (VOM) - for measuring voltage, resistance, and current. For most projects, all you need is a cheap, bargain-bin meter. I've seen them as cheap as $5, but budget about $15.
  • Soldering iron - no need for an expensive one, but avoid the cheapest models.
  • Diagonal cutters - very handy tool when cutting small wire and component leads.

.  That's a good start for your list. Other Iblers should be jumping in soon with their own recommendations. Have fun.

Reply 9 years ago

A box o' bits.

Make it known to your friends and co-workers / classmates that you will take dead electronics off their hands. You will quickly accumulate a pile of dead VCRs, audio cassette players, computer drives etc, all of which can be harvested for useful parts, and the rest recycled.

At the recent UK Instructables get-together, much fun was had with the contents of various junk boxes.