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New metal frame house, interior walls and ceiling ideas Answered

Ok, guys I am planning my next house. I want to build a metal single level kit house over a basement.

Like most of you, I can't leave well enough alone. I am always thinking about change, i.e. put up a ceiling fan, add recessed lighting, drop a new ethernet line where I need it, etc. So in thinking about the walls and ceiling of the new house I want your input.

First I was thinking of making the interior wall height 10', then I can install a drop ceiling at what every level I want. Later, i can change the drop ceiling at will. Above the drop ceiling, on the underside of the rafters, insulate with rigid foam insulation (maybe the top side of the rafters?).

Next the walls. I plan to spray foam insulation between the 24" studs. Drywall seems to be too permanent. What could I put up, durable enough for the occasional bumps when installing furniture, but could be removed if something needs to be added behind it? I have a thought about putting up a shelving system, but that wouldn't work on every wall. Again, I appeal to the hive mind for suggestions.

Help a DIY addict,



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1 year ago

I prefer to have conduit pipes through the walls in strategic locations.
E.G.: two over floor level for power outlets and computer cables/low voltage applications.
Then wherever it suits to have a switch the same but vertical.
This way the worst would be to cut a hole through the wall and pipe to install something new but no struggle getting wires there ;)