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New one with some questions Answered

Hello everyone, I'm a new guy from Austria, sorry if my english is bad sometimes.

I think about getting a Ipad2 in 2 weeks (yes 2 more weeks to wait in europe) and I can't stop thinking about how to craft a beautiful case, my Idea was to produce something surfboardlike, like a fiberglass layer around the back of the ipad, and then coat it with White topcoat, also a bit structure would be nice to feel like a real surfboard.

Has anyone ever done something similar to this? I have never worked with fiberglass, and i think it coud get a bit tricky (especially when sanding it).

would be great to hear some ideas!

Greetings Bruno


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10 years ago

i think to continue your surfboard concept, you'd want to have a Styrofoam core with the fiberglass around that. so you'd get a piece of foam (extruded styrofoam insulation comes to mind) that's roughly the size of the ipad, hollow out a cavity for the ipad, shape it, then coat it in fiberglass, then paint and done.