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New to bass? Answered

Ok. I play guitar and I really want to learn bass. My mind thinks more (rythmically) like a bass. I want to learn bass badly. I am probably going to get the Fender Squier J Bass, as it sells new for only $180 at guitar center, and i really like fenders guitars. Anything I should know? I need all the help I can get.
freeza36 (soon to be bassist)



5 years ago

I went the same route like you. I've played Acoustic guitar since I was 14 until I went to church where unlike everybody got a brake from playing, bass player was on stage every Sunday. Personally I wouldnt mind that but that's me.
I got my self an Ibanez SR300 and watched lots of videos and other players. If you have 4-string bass the strings on your bass are E, A, D, and G, just like the top 4 strings on the 6-string guitar. If you have active pickups on your bass you dont even need the amp, just use headphones. it doesn't come through really loud but you can hear it.
I liked my Ibanez because it has a really thin neck and helps with the fast play. Also it didn't weigh like a mill stone on my shoulder.
I started listening bass lines every time I was listening a song, picking up some new lines and ideas. Main thing is don't hurry through licks, take your time making sure you really got them. Another thing, you as a guitar player probably already know, do warmups before playing. And.....dont forget to have fun.


7 years ago

Do you play electric guitar already? Do you have a bass amp? Have you been down to the music store to actually try out that model? The necks are longer and the strings harder to pluck. As with all instruments, they have different sounds and feel. Anybody you want to play like? Right handed or left handed like Paul McCartney?


Reply 7 years ago

I have a small fender amp and a fender 25-r. I do play electric guitar. I have messed around with a squier j bass, and i like the feel of it, im just not sure what to look for in a bass. I don't necesarily want to play like one individual, just learn the instrument. im right handed too