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New to electronics, RGB led's help! Answered

First off, let me just say this website and all the great instructables have inspired me to get into electronics. I recently ordered the Arduino Projects Pack from make and have been creating simple led projects for myself. I'd really like to step it up for christmas and have an idea that currently I do not have all the knowledge to complete. My parents kitchen was recently renovated and a brand new cabinet with frosted glass panes was installed. I would like to install 12 RGB led's controllable by on/off, speed of colour change, and by colour itself.

If anyone has the time a basic start to finish guideline would be extremely helpful to wrap my head around the whole process, and if I had any questions we could go into more detail.

Is the Arduino Duemilanove the right device to be using?
Programming is very new to me and any sites that help with that would be great.

Thanks so much for your help in advance!!!!


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