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Newb question about LED Lantern Answered

Hi I have a stupid newb LED question. I'm building a camping lantern out of a lot of super brights I bought on ebay. I 'm thinking of powering it on a large 6v or possibly a rechargeable in the future. I know I need a resistor but the LEDcalc I've been using shows a schematic with a resistor on every LED. I plan on using 20 or more LEDs. Do I really need 20 resistors or can I use 1 somehow? I'm also open to better battery ideas. Thank you!!



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12 years ago

Thanks, Got it figured out. I was trying to wire 20 leds in series off 6v. They have to be parallel. Will probably do 3 series strings of 7 in parallel off 3 9v bats. Any more links to projects like this would be cool.