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Newbe + Arduino Mega via codevision + AD9850 = Guidance needed? Answered

Hello,Im very new to 'C' and codevision and have set myself a task to get a AD9850 module working. But there are two things in my way and they are understanding datasheets and writing C code. So first question would anyone help guide me through writing the necessary drivers? or is anyone aware of a web page with the necessary information.

I have had the AD9850 working in the Arduino using 3rd party library. I would like to learn how to do this myself (with guidance) but I am a (young) family man with limited time to spend on myself, hence the call for guidance.

I was thinking of using the SPI port to send the serial data out, tho this is different to how the arduino boys wire the module up.

I know this isn't much information to go on but I am leaving up to you to ask me questions as to not make this intro too long and boring.

Last thing is I am planing to post my experience on learning C using the arduino mega on the big bad web so the information might be useful to other newbies or add it to other someone else's site.

Many thanks in advance.




Answer 2 years ago

BTW if you are planing to do a spread-spectrum radio and transmitter, you should be aware there are US rules on the maximum encoder bits legally allowed at 16 as I recall but find out before you before you try...