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Newbie... How do I create the singing pumpkin as a singing Christmas Ornament for my holiday bash? Answered

Every year I have a huge Christmas party at my place, and every year I do something more over the top. I'm just now getting into lighting and things and have no background experience in any of this. For instance, you say relay switch... I say WHA? I of course can "look it up", and I've been known to dabble in circuitry. However, I wanted this year to try to re-create the singing halloween pumpkins (that I saw in a video), or the singing Haunted mansion ghosts, into singing animated ornaments (the big kind). I know this can be done, its just a matter of understanding the steps involved. For instance, I know I will probably need a projector of sorts and huge ornaments and some sort of animation. I mostly have mac products so if the programs are for windows they won't work for me. Also, the easiest will probably be the best since I'm new. I also checked out the hologram illusion technique and the glass projection as ideas for doing this or possibly showing a floating movie or christmas short. Thanks for any and all highly detailed information. I would love to get into these things as I'm a Christmas nut and well, most of the Christmas stuff out there just sucks for creativity, but Halloween decor is insanely cool.  I want Disney-like animations and projections. Something special that WOWS. Thanks again!



5 years ago

you could try these animations...



8 years ago

So, I'm revising upwards my estimate of your abilities. and have read the four singing heads, sorry  not much danger.  You sound up in the presence of negative info ++ very good.  Can you acquire .these parts.
  1. 4 styrofoam heads (found on eBay)
  2. Dell Mini 9 netbook for video playback (or a mac product )
  3. A 800x600 VGA projector
  4. Old Karaoke machine for audio playback
  5. Arduino UNO (can be programed from a MAC )
  6. Radioshack project box to keep the Arduino dry and happy
  7. And the previously mentioned photocell and 12v wall wart
The Arduino will accept  the same program from the MAC. Although
I'm a PC and PIC Stamp type, I can help because the arduino is very
similar. I can also help with the sensor.
If you want to start you need to buy the Arduino now I believe theu are
available in the US.



8 years ago

I don't think you have the time to get it going before January.
There is so much to learn and build unless your IQ is
up off the charts.


Answer 8 years ago

Yikes, that bad huh? I have had a circuitry class or two, not opposed to using tools or working with dangerous objects, and I did take an Xbox apart to fix the ring of death, so I know exactly what you're saying about these things taking a long time to figure out. So, that being said, if it's really that complicated to do I would still like the info on it so that I could incorporate it next year. I have a few ideas for this year that could be cool. I'll have to experiment. Still any info on these subjects is much appreciated, especially the time to reply as I know it will take quite a few links and messages to get me up to date. Also, I think that this is an area that most people like me who have Christmas fever would love to incorporate into their shows. Unless I've been looking in all the wrong places, it simply doesn't exist on a smaller scale. Thanks!