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Newbie Stuff Answered

I very much enjoy this site but am completely new to the building stuff thing. I don't even know enough to know where my lack of skills to begin. Is it possible that someone with more experience could create a daisy-chain list of basic building/electronics/etc. that I could use as a blueprint for my development? If possible I would like this to include Instructable lists thanks in advance Shamus



11 years ago

if you don't have any tools yet, then get (no use of spending money on bad tools, the below is for electronics) -temperature controlled soldering iron (I use the radioshack 60$ one and i think it's fine, works reliably for over 6 months now. -A good multimeter that can read: volts, ohms, amps, diode (working), continuity, capatance, and the hfe of transistors -Buy 1lb of solder (0.032) for like 10 bucks, much better price than at radioshack -Solder pump, it's better than solder wick Those are the main tools, i gues


11 years ago

. I suggest:
  • Find an Instructable/project that interests you and looks fairly simple (or says it is). Try to find one where you can, at least vaguely, understand most of what's going on. Read the comments to see if other ppl had problems or it went well.
  • If there is a specific step you are uncertain about or you run into a problem, post a msg, in an appropriate forum, requesting help.
  • Post an Instructable on your project. ;)
. If you are interested in Electronics, a lot of ppl start with 555 timer projects. Search this site for "555" or Google 555 +project.