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Newbie question about DC motor (sorry...a real newbie) Answered

ive got a dc motor with this type of plugs. How do i connect this to any power source?? what do i have to buy??



6 weeks ago

Is that a 4-pin connector to a 3 pin - like a servo, when you can then poiwer it with 2 wires? I can't see anything

Jack A Lopez

7 weeks ago

This picture reveals no clue, to me, about what kind of DC motor might be attached to it.

I dunno. What should I try to tell you more about?

The connectors?

To me, the connectors look like pin header connectors,

Or maybe JST connectors,

But these kind of connectors are generic, used for lots of things besides powering small DC motors.

The number of pins?

The picture is blurry, but it kind of looks like the connector on the left side has 4 pins (aka wires, aka conductors), yet the connector on the right side looks like it has 3 pins. A typical DC motor only needs 2 pins.

About DC motors?


How to power a DC motor? Connect it to a source of DC voltage (e.g. batteries or AC adapter, and/or a DC-to-DC converter). Upon doing this, some DC current flows through the motor (and through the wires connected to the motor, and through the DC voltage source), and the shaft of the motor turns. How much current flows to the motor depends on the character of the DC motor, and how much power the motor is converting into mechanical work (i.e. what mechanical things are loading the motor)

What do you have to buy?

I think buying things would be premature. It would be better to have a plan first. It would be better if you knew what kind of motor you have, and what kind of DC power source would be appropriate (best, easiest, cheapest, etc) for powering it.


7 weeks ago

A normal DC motor only needs 2 wires, if yours needs 4 than it should be a DLDC motor - a brushless DC motor.
The first only needs the right voltage the second requires a controller.