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Nextion Display with Raspberry Pi3 B+ Does it works or Not? Answered

I am strugeling with several Posts concernig Rp if it works over TX/RX with Nextion Display.

I used following instruction https://www.itead.cc/blog/how-to-use-nextion-to-wo... and got following error: [SDKERROR:itead_serial.c.298.Serialavailable]->Serialavailable failed!

the Only Tread that I found that there are trouble is as follow:

I don't know if that's gonna be useful, but I switched from a RPi 2 to the RPi 3 yesterday and I noticed that the serial port won't work anymore and I figured out why. On the RPi 2 the Serial interface is "/dev/ttyAMA0" and on the RPi 3 it is the "/dev/ttyS0". (Yes, on the RPi 3 the ttyAMA0 is still present, but won't work) – FusseldiebApr 20 '17 at 12:38

Does somebody know if I got a chance to get Nextion working with RPi?

Thanks a lot


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