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Nice ! Dell lawsuit Answered

From a blog By Michael Krigsman | June 30, 2010, 4:54am PDT

"According to a recently unsealed lawsuit, Dell shipped approximately 12 million computers containing faulty components and then tried to hide the problems from buyers."

More here:   Dell lawsuit: Pattern of deceit


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10 years ago

Safety Note: if you see swollen/burst capaciters, do not touch them - use gloves. If you have touched them, wash your hands gently but thoroughly. The GX270 had the same issue - I've personally seen over a dozen workstations with this issue, and the "X" type capaciters would swell/burst, while the "K" type capaciters would be fine. Dell was good enough to refurbish (as in replace motherboards) for systems that were still under warranty... but there may be a blanket coverage for this issue. If you're plagued by this, contact your warranty company and check Dell's website.