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Nickel sponge+Soldering tip cleaner Answered


I am a computer engineer and interested on making instructables ! Since i bought my soldering iron like 2 weeks ago i am on the making of one soldering station (with helping hands and such),I bought a sponge but i didn't noticed that wasn't copper (it writes nickel on it).

Should be oki for my soldering iron (I mean to keep my tip clean)?

Greetings from the sunny and bankrupted Greece !



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The Skinnerz
The Skinnerz

9 years ago

You can use pretty much anything to keep the tip of the soldering iron clean. Even a folded up bit of cloth with some distilled water on it works very well.

If it doesn't melt or burn, you can use it.


Reply 9 years ago

Thank you very much ! i was worried since i read somewhere that tips are made from nickel so i thought cleaning it with a nickel sponge will damage it.