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Night Vision Camera: Do I need a Visible Light Filter? Answered

I have a Kodak C533 Digital Camera that I want to turn into my "test" Night Vision device, and I am wondering when I take out the IR filter, is it really necessary to put in a film negative to filter the visible light? I just did a project on Infrared Light so I know all about the electromagnetic spectrum and why we can't see it, so I don't need help there. I also don't want to use it to take pictures or videos, just so I can use the LCD screen. Will it be too bright with all of the light coming through? I obviously won't want to use the night vision outside, just so I could easily take it from the dark into the light again.



8 years ago

It's not necessary to use an IR pass filter, but it greatly helps to prevent flare-ups from other light sources. In my opinion, it's worth the trouble to put it in there. Besides, you'll need to remove the IR blocking filter anyway...might as well do that while you've got it open.

I'm currently working on building a night vision helmet for paintball/airsoft/hunting/home defense/general tomfoolery. I might decide to post an Instructable on here, but I'll have to see how well it works first.


10 years ago

If it's dark, just take out the IR filter. If it's not dark you'll need to filter the visible. L