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Night Vision Answered

Hey, trying to find a way to get a webcam to display on a LCD viewfinder without the computer in-between so I can mount it on an airsoft gun. I know that the data format for the webcams output isn't reconizable by the LCD screen, I was thinking there would be a way to use a digital camera by feeding it the data from the webcam instead of the camera allready in it but I have no idea how to do that since I've never worked with this kinda stuff. I'm using a webcam because it's easier to open it up and remove the infra-red filter, I plan on mounting IR LEDs to the cam so it has "night vision", them mount the camera on the top of the gun with the viewfinder on the side so you can see. I tried to do this with a cheap video camera since it allready had everything I wanted but the camera module was too small and I ended up braking it.

Any ideas? advice? things I should look into? any help would be nice!


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8 years ago

Replacing the sensor on an existing camera or trying to upgrade a web cam with a screen is a hugely technical task. To make the web cam work with a screen you will need a small computer behind it. That camera needs additional hardware behind it that knows how to use the camera and then display the images on a screen.

Your best bet is to buy a cheat night vision camera that already has a display on it. I know its not as cheap as a web cam but there is a good reason for that. A web cam uses a PC as its back end hardware. A night vision camera that is a stand alone unit with a screen has the back end hardware built in.

This may be a good option for you. But the problem you'll run into no matter which way you go is the screen is going to give away your position. It will be a bright beacon in the night.


Reply 8 years ago

Maybe a Raspberry Pi could be persuaded to fulfill this role?