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Nintendo DS lite - bottom screen shows only top half (bottom half mirrors top half). Answered

However, touch items on bottom half (that I can't see) still work, e.g., settings. Recalibrating touch screen does nothing. Do I need a new touch screen, LCD screen or both? Or can I fix this another way?



8 years ago

I had a similar issue with my top screen. Mine was different in that instead of being mirrored, my top screen was pure white. I got a new flex cable for it to see if that could fix it on Ebay for $2.

Maybe yours would have a similar fix. I'll let you know if it fixes mine.


10 years ago

My hypothesis:
The screen is written (from the processor) in halves, top, then bottom. There is *1* pin that tells the screen, "I'm writing the top half" when on, and "I'm writing the bottom half" when off. If that pin has been jarred loose, then the processor will draw the top half, but when drawing the bottom half that 'top bottom' enable line wont tell it to start working on the bottom. The touch screen element works independent of the screen visually.

If you are comfortable with taking it apart, try reading some ibles or guides about how to take it apart, document what you do, then put it back together. If this doesnt fix it, replacement parts can be had from dealextreme.com for super cheap (3 bucks for the touch screen, 5-10 for the lcd itself)