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Nintendo Gamecube case ideas Answered

I love the Gamecube, it's my favourite "retro" console out there! My platinum cube has worked fine since the day I got it, but my friend was not so lucky. She stored it terribly, and when it broke beyond repair she gave it to me to have a look at: but not even recalibrating the laser could resurrect the console. She said I could keep it, so that got me thinking about what I could turn this dead console into. 

So far I was thinking:

-iPod dock with speakers
-DVD player
-Computer (not unlike the NES PC)
-Media HUB (butcher an cheap MP3 player and some speakers perhaps)

Can anyone think of any other suggestions? And not something mundane like a lunch box, but something really cool! I was definitely thinking of adding LEDs to it, to give it the "Alienware" look!

Here's a picture of the case, no idea how this would help but still I suppose it's a size comparison to a mini-disc!

Also, the computer thing has been done once before, it's called the "Pcube" if you want to Google it or something, it's pretty sweet!

Thanks for your suggestions!



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Maybe you could put flashy lights on it and turn it into something like a disco style media player!

LowneyFred the evil puppet

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Haha that's a great idea! Will consider it, and I'm definitely going to put LEDs in it :D