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No volume in Fisher RS-280 synthesizer receiver.Everything else seems to work.Is there a fix like fuse or capasitor? Answered

I havn't opened up receiver yet I need some information first.I get no sound from receiver at all.I started out by connecting all components such as CD player but have since removed all accessories,i'm down to just the receiver and speakers.Is there something I should look for when I open the receiver up?This is a very nice vintage receiver and I would like to use as primary receiver.Could it be something as easy as a fuse?
I opened the stereo and found that 2 fuses are missing they are located on the main board at  F401 & F402 both are T2A fuses I believe.are these fuses used for sound and should I install them anyway


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3 years ago

No sound at all suggests the audio amplifier.

Sound but at a low level on both channels,

Input to audio amp low

Audio amp not operating

Volume control faulty

Unlikely to be something very simple.


Answer 3 years ago