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Non Stop! Caramel cookies recipe Answered

About 6 moths ago I was visiting family in Germany, and my uncle had these weird cookies (well not really weird, unusual) called Non Stop! Caramel http://www.smildebakery.com/assortiment/cookies/list/?s=157&p=/sweet/&f=all/
Now, I live in Finland, and these cookies aren't available here, so I was wondering if anyone had ever tried to mimic these or had some suggestions what recipes would work. I don't have a lot of free time, so trying out a hundred recipes is not an option.
There is another thing. Since then, I have also become a vegan, so if I were to find these in a store, I couldn't eat them, so I sorta need to do this myself.
So if anyone has eaten these cookies and knows a recipe for something in the same direction, or can make up a copycat recipe, it would be much appreciated. The recipe doen't have to be vegan btw, I can convert it myself.
Thanks in advance,
 - Kalle


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