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Noob project help, raspberry pi 2 controlling indoor growing environment Answered

Hello everyone, im new to the raspberry pi world.
I have raspberry pi 2 module b (the new one with 1g ram) that im not using.
i want to use it to control indoor small growing environment.
I have 4 x 12v pc fans that i want to control  the speed of, due to the humidity and temperature.
I have 3 led bulbs that i want to switch off/on with a schedule
maybe in the future i will connect 5 / 12 V small water pump. 

and to connect a camera to use time laps.
I dont mind of using external power sources for the 12v fans and bulbs.

im all new to this world, with the programming i think i will handle, but dont know much about electronics.
im searching for easy way to do this,  dont mind of working hard and spending money on this, just need a good ideas and help :) thank you all.



3 years ago

Seems likely you'll need temp / humidity sensors, plus a driver board for all that stuff (fans, bulbs, pumps). A relay driver board seems like an OK choice. It's very likely all that additional hardware can use preexisting, commercially available boards.

Although, that's a lot of stuff for a single board to control.

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