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Normally burn and peel badly Answered

I have pale Irish skin that dont tan and trust me I tried everything to get even a little tan color. So simply you can say I burn and peel badly then pale white again. This year seems different, I was sitting in the shade and i got burnt and it was bad and very noticeable as you can see in the photo, but this time I hardly peeled. in some spots I did but very little which is not normal for me. It turned into a tan, so my question is how is that possible, is it a bad thing that a bad burn didnt peel hardly and juat tanned? Oh and to mention I have been taken this women skin, nails, hair vitamin plan at a place called gnc. Could that be helping me absorb the sun better?



8 weeks ago

If there is one thing I learned in Australia then that the sun is your enemy - no kidding!
A redhead like you has very little chances to get away unharmed as you already noticed.
Where a normal person might not eve get red people with your skin type will already be in trouble.
I have seen tourists ending in hospital here just because they spent their first day entirely on the beach in the sun ;)

Having said that:
It is a common misconception that you actually need direct sunlight for a tan of sorts.
Stay in the shade and for those times you go into the direct sun use a good sun blocker on your skin or/and cover up.
People might get a tan fast in the sun but sensitive people get one in the shde without getting burnt ;)

Josehf Murchison

7 weeks ago

You are a Ginger and no freckles.
It is in your genetic makeup.
You just don't produce melanin like blonds or brunets.
You may not be able to tell from my pic but I'm red not tanned.
I live with genetic vitiligo, and yes I do not like vitiligo being called a disease, I'm not sick my skin just can't tolerate the sun.
Ruffly 95% of my skin doesn't produce melanin and the sun on my skin feels like a blowtorch. I have gotten 2nd and 3rd degree burns through my clothing in the summer.
As much as you like the sun, your skin doesn't like the sun.
You can use really strong sun screen, didn't work for me since swimming and sweating washed the sun screen off.
There is a therapy for it, tanning lights and beds will promote melanin production without the more damaging rays from the sun. This worked to a degree on my face and hands but I still can't go out on a sunny day in the summer without a long sleeved shirt and long pants.
Chances are you will just have to live with staying out of the sun.
I do have a question if you don't mind.
Do you get sunburns on your tattoos?
One of the treatments for vitiligo is to tattoo the white spots the same color as the rest of your skin so no one can see the difference.

No I dont get tanned on my tattoos. Also I do have freckles and quite few of them trust me on that. I can go outside during the day just cant be out in the sun for to long or I will burn and it will hurt for about a week in most cases. Both parents and one of my brothers can tan without worried where I really dont. Tanning beds help me get some what a light touch of the tan but that about it. I am just so lost in why this year I burn but I tanned not peeling and it been 3 weeks now.