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Not able to enter in the "Make It Move" contest Answered

Hi there,

I want to enter for the "Make it Move" contest with the instructable I posted a week ago, but the site doesn't show the option. I read the instructions and it says that you can enter with your previously published instructable. Please help. 


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3 years ago


To be eligible for any contest, an Instructable must be published within the open dates for the contest. For this contest, the start date was September 25, 2017.

Regarding the "previously published" phrase, that only applies to Instructables published within the contest dates. (For example, if you published an Instructable today, it would be eligible to enter anytime prior to the closing date.)

Hope that makes sense! : )

Mayur BK
Mayur BK

Reply 3 years ago

Oh! now i got it..

I'm new to these contests and their rules. Anyways, thanks for clearing my doubt.