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Not quite sure about some "Computer Memory Problems"..? Answered

I just 'received' a computer from friend. Fairly new, but I have some questions about it and I came first to instructables to see if the masters had a answer.

Its a T6538 eMachine T-Series Desktop. Specs-> (emachines.com/support/product_support.html)

I dont know if its a 32 or 64bit machine first off...
It has 4 memory card slots, two pairs of the same color (Blue and Purple). They are two slots of DDR2533 and two slots of DDR400. Right now I have one slot of DDR400 taken and the two slots of DDR2533 full.

The computer wont turn on when I have the one loner DDR400 in, but if I take it out it works fine. The top rated memory for this machine is 4 gigabytes. The system powers on, but wont load anything.

Any help? Thanks! :D 
*again, second question and im kinda sleepy.. just ask if nothing makes sense*
Also, good graphics? Or kinda sloppy? I always worked with old computers, reloading linux and stuff.. This is the first time I got a 2005+ system.


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Best Answer 11 years ago

Its a 64 bit AMD chipset.

Memory:  you can't mix memory types.  You have to use either the DDR2533 or the DDR400.

The graphics card is an old and slow Nvidia GeForce.  It will work fine with routine apps but don't expect to run the hot, new games with 3D graphics.

eMachines are economy units when new, and a five year old one will not set the world on fire, but if you install a Linux OS it will perform substantially better than with the XP OS.


11 years ago

1:some of them need special ones that only have one little change like it could be Ex:ddr400-c or other ones in the series
2:the video card is a good one to have but they have better but unless you are trying to play high end games