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Nottingham Hackspace - Grand Opening Party ALL INVITED Answered

Dear Fellow Makers of Instructables.com

You are cordially invited to the Nottingham Hackspace to help us celebrate moving into our new workshops in Nottingham UK. There will be an open day (from 11am) and Party (bring-a-bottle from about 2pm) on Sunday 29th May 2011. 

Nottingham Hackspace has on street FREE parking and is just 10 minutes walk from either the Old Market Square in Nottingham or the Midland Train Station. Many of our members are PRO members of Instructables.com and we're very likely to share an interest with you. We're keen to meet makers from all over the UK so if you can make it why not come and see the Hackspace. 

There will be representatives from London Hackspace, Northackton, FizzPop Birmingham, Leeds Hackspace and HACMan (Manchester) to name a few! 

We hope also to have presentations, hands on projects you can try as well as lots of nifty things to see and do! 

We look forward to meeting you and if you are reading this and can make it... you are invited! 

Find out more about us at nottinghack.org.uk

We think that makers Should make a point of visiting other people maker spaces... 


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