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Nuclear power costing Answered

i am doing the cost of electricity for a nuclear power plant and was wonder if this costing equation seems right: 

Take a plant at the cost of $ 7 billion and produces 1100 MW of power
7000000000/1100/1000= $ 6363.63 per kW
Normally the life cycle is 40 years and a weighted average cost of capital is 14.50%
So 6363.63 kWh * .1450 = 922.72
The typical capacity factor ranges from 75% to 85% so the average will be taken 80%
This capacity factor is then multiplied by the number of hours in a year which is 8760
0.80 * 8760= 7008 kWh a year the plant is running
So: 922.72/ 7008 = 0.132 which is 13.2 cents per kWh.
Operation and maintenance costs with fuel is estimated at 1.5 cent per kWh
Property taxes is at around $0.02 cent/kWh
Fuel cycle is at around $0.03 cent/ kWh
Waste cost and the decommissioning costs together are 0.02 cents/ kWh
So the total cost stands at around 21.7 or 22 cents per kWh

ive done another equation out for 3rd generation reactors that comes out at a lower cost.

does this seem right? i am not sure how to work out the weighted average capital cost % (that was a figure i took from a site)

i will be grateful for any reply


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10 years ago

I guess it depends on what you want to massage your numbers to show.http://www.world-nuclear.org/info/inf02.html In the end, the consumer gets hit with delivery charges, taxes, fees that double or triple the cost.  Economics, politics and litigation will affect the price.