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Numark dj to go, issues? Answered

Im having issues mapping the device in virtual dj. It was fine until my trial of virtual dj pro ran out. I acquired a new version of the program and now im having issues with certain buttons not mapping properly. Many buttons are only controlling the left deck including the gain. The pitch slider isnt mapping and im unsure how to map the lights.
it used to recognise the device by name but now its just "simple midi device"

any help would be great, im very new the dj world. 


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8 years ago

I've never used that device, but it almost sounds like it could be a driver issue. 1. Make sure your old version of the program is removed. 2. If you have a disc that came with your device, see if you can update the driver. You can also look for a driver from their website. 3. Try removing and re-installing the new software.