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Nylon and substitutes on a cold bed Answered

It's been some time and I made progress with Nylon.
Aldi had some cheap craft glue with methanol as the solvent - this stuff works great for PLA, ABS AND Nylon.
The common problem with nylon is that it has no real adhesion to anything, except cardboard and bakelite.
Cardboard makes a clean up nightmare and bakelite is not always easy to find, especially not the right type.
So I tried various glues, paints and primers but none was really suited for all printing needs.
And the cleanup of the bed is imoprtant too as I did not want to spend hours scrubbing with acetone or similar nasty solvents.
After the first great succes with the clear Aldi craft glue I checked the local 2$ shops and carft stores and found similar glueswith methanol as a solvent.
Since not everyone is lucky enough to get these specials I will tell you what to look out for if you try clear craft glue:
Don't buy anything that can be cleaned up with water - you want methanol or ethanol as the solvent in the glue!
Do a test with the glue on something that usually does not bind well to cheap glue, like glass and blister packs.
Let the glue dry and peel it off - it should be a clear film that is quite strong and barely streches when you pull it.
It almost feels like hard paper.
All good so far?
Check if the nylon, pla or abs really sticks to it:
Spread a very thin layer on a piece of cardboard and let dry.
Add another, thicker layer and let dry again.
Now hold it under your nozzle and extrude a bit of filament while moving the cardboard around.
Let cool and check how good it sticks.
In a perfect world the cool plastic should peel the papaer off with the glue.
Time to prepare your print bed the same way and to start printing ;)
Just use a very thin first layer and for the first layer much lower speeds than usual.
I print nylon with 60mm/s and the first layer at just 25mm/s, any faster and the first layer does not look right.
ABS and PLA are much more forgiving here.


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