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Of solder and circuits Answered

To dodge an onslaught of summer boredom, I'd like to fart around with small scale electronics projects (LEDs, maybe a circuit board, etc.). I hope that by the time I finish farting around, I would have something nifty to post on this website. Unfortunately, I have little practical knowledge of this stuff (other than what I learned five years ago in high school electronics). I mean, I don't even know how one technically refers to "this stuff." Can anyone recommend some good books or a general method of wetting one's feet before jumping into the pond? Highly technical sources are obviously beyond me at this point, so I'm looking for introductory-level information that can be flexibly applied to whatever bizarre project pops into my mind on Friday afternoon.



11 years ago

For beginners, I think I recommend kits. Pay attention to how they work and what the components are and how they interact, learn to solder, etc. Too bad Heathkit is gone; they had kits of substantial complexity :-( But there's Adafruit, SolarBotics, Make:it, plus the usual imported stuff from places like All Electronics and Electronics Goldmine


Reply 11 years ago

. I tried typing elec into the Search box (in the left column) and found all sorts of good stuff.
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