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Offensive Ads Answered

How do I stop the Ads that this site randomly sets for me?!? In my joining data I specified I was in NH, now I am targeted by political propaganda ALL OVER THE SCREEN. I in no way think that the staff of the SITE are responsible, mind you, they just sold space to an advertiser, I get that. But I also assume that their intent is not to have advertisers drive away members...


The forums are retiring in 2021 and are now closed for new topics and comments.

12 years ago

We don't give any of our member data to our advertisers, including where you are located. So nobody gets targeted ads. If you are seeing ads that overlap real Instructables content, or replace it, or move out into the middle of the screen, please click on the ad, copy the URL it sends you to, and notify us either here in the forums or by email (info@instructables.com) so we can stop it. We don't allow that kind of thing at all.