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Oil Central Heating - minimum amount Kerosene needed for testing it works Answered

We have moved into a house with oil central heating that has not been used in at least 5 years and with no oil (Kerosene)at all in the tank.  We want to test if the boiler/oil burner actually works. Therefore we do not want to buy gallons of oil at the moment as we just want to test it to see if it works at all and then we can buy oil in the winter to save the expense now as it will not be in use now. A lot of companies have minimum orders however we were told we would just need a drum of oil in this instance to test it  - we are not sure if that would be enough. Is a drum of Kerosene enough? Where would we buy a drum of Keronsene? 


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5 years ago

Don't test it yourself. Have a certified heating and air tech come out and look it over. They can tell you if the system is good to go or not. There may be a good reason why it hasn't been used till you moved in. There could be an issue with the system which makes it unsafe for use beyond whether or not the burner works. Call a profecinal first.