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Ok my dad messed up kinda big this time... (car problems)? Answered

well basically my dad tried to change the oil in the car... (new-ish Nissan versa) and he accidentally poured oil into the wrong thing and filled the already full transmission... he figured out and removed some and poured the correct amount in... but that was after he took it for a spin... and then he over filled the engine oil thing and now it doesn't register any oil pressure at all... (he removed the excess)... what did he mess up or break and how hard is it to replace and how much would it be to get the part/take it to some place...



Best Answer 10 years ago

I'd advise someone drain both the engine and transmission completely, and refill both with the correct type of fluid.
But if you think something is bust - seek professional advice from a qualified engineer / mechanic (who knows Nissans)



9 years ago

Transmission oil and engine oil are two totally different types, and overfilling or under-filling WILL cause severe engine/transmission damage. using the wrong oil will also make your car fail, but usually isnt as bad as the first matter (when noticed and corrected fast anyway).

Anyway, your dad doesn't seem to know what he is doing to his new-ish car and therefore it is essential that he goes to a professional (certified mechanic/garage) and tell this professional what exactly he has poured/tapped out where.

NOTE: don't drive the car without the right amount of oil/without oil pressure, car will be near totaled before you reach your destination, tow it.


10 years ago

Well, If he drove it around without oil in the engine he probably spent upwards of 2 or three thousand dolars. Horray for rebuilding an engine that didn't need it. I agree with Lemonie, Drain ALL of BOTH and have someone that knows what their doing do it. You might get lucky and not have TOO bad of engine damage/transmission damage but if I were to do that in my motorcycle or my truck I'd be out atleast $2000


Answer 10 years ago

no he has enough oil in both... actually we think he put too much in there...