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Ok, well i wanna make some kind of simple EMP gun. Is that possible? Answered

I saw some other forums that talked about it, and i would just want some that could disrupt something at close range, or something like that. I have heard of using a firecracker... but i don't think that i want to do that in public... xD maybe a disposable camera and some wire??
I have some enamel-covered solid-conductor copper wire, 30 gauge....




8 years ago

"Gun?" No.

"Bomb"? Maybe. Near-explosive amount of current . But that's going to mostly focus the EMP into the center of the coils, or at best into a set of side lobes -- and remember inverse-square law still applies.

Sorry, but I think this one too is in the SF plot device category.


8 years ago

I remember this in an article in an electronics mag way back in the 1980s - an EMP pulse would wipe out most electronic goods and would be a precursor to what was called MAD - Mutually Assured Destruction. The army has such an "arsenal" which are deployed as EMP-bombs to wipe out enemy communication.

To make an EMP device, you need to use a voltage, resistor and capacitor circuit that when switched on and off creates a back-emp pulse. I seem to remember that as near a square-wave pulse was useful here for near-instant on/off switching. Boom-Boom boxes for car mobile disco's have the biggest capacitors I have ever seen, a whopping 3 farads (a snip at about £200). I don't know how this level of capacitance would achieve the aims you infer ("gun").

Although we can talk about it, building one for such purposes is illegal in most countries and would land you in seriously hot-water. Using one, would be as a good as signing your life away to Her Majesty's/President's pleasure. Great news if you want to be a lifer's long-term teddy-bear...

btw - one of ways to survive an EMP-attack is to use good old Valve technology.